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Text Box: Otis My Man
Guitars & Vocals

To the Official OTIS MY MAN Web-site. OTIS Would like to Thank you for dropping by and checking out the site. Otis hopes you enjoy the Music and the Video content presented for OTIS Fans around the world.

Otis My Man is back on the internet airwaves, Rockin another Original Digital Download Album. OTIS III. Blasting the internet airwaves with some chart topping tracks. The advanced single releases of “Baby Keep Talking” & “Pieces of Myself” have hit #29 & #30 on Songvault FM in the most recent Rock/Metal categories. At the same time “Rollin On” & “Shades of Grey” have hit #1 & #2 in the Rock/Metal audition categories. Released in March 2013 these singles are sure to take off on the internet music scene. Other online sites for Otis include, having over 500000 plays on Number One Music.com, a Big Thank You to all Otis fans on Number One. All of the new tracks have been mastered using a combination of Sonar Producer Software & Protools 9 to help keep up with the times in the online music world. Otis fans can download any of the tracks from CDBaby or Itunes as well as many other sites for online music. Checkout the Mp3/Radio page on the site for all the online links for Otis Music.

More chart news includes the “2003” Single “Baby, Baby” hitting #1 on the Busca Search Mp3 Charts of Brazil for March 2013. A surprising bonus for Otis. While working with our L.A. Production Staff OTIS managed to cut out the all Original Single “SunShine Girl”.  The combination of LA Flash with some South Florida Rock!

BRAND NEW NEWS includes: OTIS MY MAN  collaborating on  a new  Single with the likes of Power Drummer “ Bob Powers” From the San Francisco Bay Area. The all New Single “Going Downtown” has been Released on Reverb Nation & Number One Music as well as other online music sites. Keep listening for more single releases from Otis and Bob Powers in 2013. Collaborations also include Guitarist and Songwriter “Mike Riordan” of “PrettyScare”, “Ty Dogg Oglesby” on a take of the OTIS Original “Shades of Grey”, and of course “Ammo Andy Spencer” on Drums and “Lance Biberdorf” on Bass Guitar and Vocals are back with OTIS MY MAN for a new Original Release of the 2013 Single “Scream”.

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Online Internet Supporters of OTIS Included many sites that offer OTIS Music to specific parts of the world in many different media formats. CDBaby, Isound, Number One Music & Nowhere Radio have been with OTIS from the beginning. Online Rock have also become a OTIS Supporter. OTIS fans can now order the 2006 CD For A Few Coins at Onlinerock.com. Fans can also hear OTIS on Onlinerock Radio as well. Garageband.com have setup a New Independent Music Showcase with MSN Networks and CNN which will include OTIS in their Online Music Programs as well. OTIS also has Strange Again Ringtones for your cell phone.

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Text Box: Lance Beberdorf
Bass Guitar & Vocals
Text Box: Andy “Ammo” Spencer
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